03 Jul 2022 . 6 min read

Our sport camps for children on the Belgian coast

river woods beach club internship for children

After the timeless parenthesis we just went through, your children want to enjoy the holidays, and especially to make new friends while having fun? Our summer sports camps at RWBC Knokke are the perfect opportunity, both for your little ones and for you, to have a good time before the start of the school year in September.




Five nautical sports clubs, each with their own particularities, are located on the Belgian coast. But at the River Woods Beach Club, we still have the feeling of having that little extra thing …

Our conception of water sports is based on a specific didactic approach that is different from the overly academic framework that certain courses can sometimes offer. We share our passion and our love of the open sea in a “friends, family and chill” spirit. Our Beach Club makes you (re) discover the pleasure of the sea, whatever the level and age of the participants. Far from having our eyes on the cup, we instead congratulate the best progresses, the desire to learn and to invest in a unique activity.

But beware: our made in RWBC pedagogy does not make us abandon the theoretical and technical sides of the discipline, mainly for sailing. All our instructors are graduates of official federations and have their lifeguard certification. To complete our training, we have also organized a child pedagogy training for all our instructors. With us, you will therefore find all the technical qualities so that apprentice sailors can enjoy their day with confidence.


If our nautical club has a rather French-speaking reputation, it is mainly because our instructors speak both Dutch and French, but also English and Spanish. During the courses for children, we therefore form groups of 6 or 7 kids, who can be multilingual.

With this practice, our objective is clearly not to offer language courses, but to offer a more open world to children, by stimulating their ears to the diversity of languages ​​spoken in Belgium. In water sports, body language is also frequently used. The result ? Children are very receptive to this method and even make new friends without fear of the language barrier.


During our courses for children, the River Woods Beach Club becomes a real new family for the little one. This family atmosphere makes our guests members of the great tribe of Tero (ex Knokke Out) Group. Our mission ? Help you disconnect from everyday life to reconnect with others and with nature. And this DNA is found in every detail of our beach club, from the menu offered to children during summer camps to sporting events organized during the summer.



During the summer, our Surf & Sailing school organizes 3 types of cycles for children, including our sailing courses. Mainly focused on catamaran, our camps are based on technical training skills. Our instructors combine knot techniques, wind direction, etc. to our pedagogy, for a cocktail combining fun and surpassing oneself. Our club has developed its own sailing manual, which serves as a theoretical basis for the organization of lessons.


Do you prefer your child to taste the chill and trendy atmosphere of surfing, and devour the Belgian swell? That’s pretty good: our club also organizes surf and kite surf courses. Since learning to master the surfboard is much more intuitive than mastering the sail, our surf lessons are more fun based. Our instructors attach great importance to a sense of community and to group time, whether it’s to warm up or put on your wetsuit. We do it with music, together and in a good mood!

If the weather conditions allow it, children will also taste the pleasure of kite surfing, but if the waves are not there, children can discover paddle surfing.


Water sports are accessible to children from 7 to 14 years old, and we are expanding our programs to welcome young teens up to 18 years old starting next year (be patient!). For the little ones, our club also offers specific mini club programs. The mini thumbs do not go to sea of ​​course, but they participate in discovery or painting workshops on the theme of the sea, nature and the beach. It’s a first step into the world of water sports!


So that your child leaves his internship with stars in his eyes, we have thought of everything! Our hangar is brand new, fully equipped for water sports: new technical infrastructures, modern showers and changing rooms, storage rooms for members’ sports equipment, etc. Every year, our club invests in new up to date sporting equipment at the cutting edge of the latest technologies, but this year, we have received the support of our sponsor Belfius to expand our fleet with 4 new catamarans.

We have also installed a new organic tent entirely dedicated to children. This space allows them to eat among themselves and to gather at different times of the day, without finding themselves in the middle of customers who dine on the terrace. Finally, at the end of each internship, we organize an unpretentious graduation ceremony to congratulate the children. They receive a t-shirt and some goodies that we obtain thanks to our partners who share our values ​​of ecology and sustainable consumption. And the icing on the cake: our photographer follows the children for a full day to immortalize this experience and offer parents a nice memory of this timeless moment.

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