01 Feb 2022 . 5 min read

We organize your virtual teambuilding

COVID-19: recreate the link by organizing a virtual teambuilding!

Since March, the coronavirus health crisis and its consequences have shaken up the business world, which complains as if it was one too many face-to-face meetings! Indeed, social distancing, lockdown, and teleworking have limited contacts between colleagues and isolated your employees. No more coffee breaks spent chatting and collective brainstorming. The same goes for after work or other team activities.

Aware that human relations and cohesion between employees are the catalysts of an efficient company, we at People First have decided to reinvent teambuilding. While its form is evolving towards an online version, its DNA remains unchanged: connecting, bringing people together, and bringing them closer together.

Virtual teambuilding with real advantages

We have therefore developed three connected teambuilding concepts, so unifying and well-thought-out that distance is (almost) forgotten!

Made possible thanks to the web and new communication methods, this teambuilding now go beyond a single day’s activities and become part of the long term by accompanying your employees on a daily basis.

Without having told you much yet about this new type of intra-company epic, certain advantages are already coming to light: remote organization and therefore security, long-term participation, and, of course, renewed team cohesion!

Online Games – Play in teams

From the escape game to a detective investigation or a “Who’s who”, meet up with your colleagues and play as a team as if you were next to each other.

Solve puzzles to open a fridge and toast together; plunge into the heart of a police investigation and untangle the real from the fake; win a musical quiz while enjoying a well-deserved aperitif at the end of the day… As you can see, our “Online Games” are made for you to get together and share a few laughs!

Online Experiences – Discover as a team

Participate in a multitude of creative workshops that are as diverse as they are varied, and discover new horizons with your employees. 

In our “Connect & Cook”, each participant is delivered a lunch box and joins the chef for a fun and entertaining online cooking course followed by a good team meal.

Mixology classes, wine tasting, or yoga & well-being classes, there will be something for everyone! So… Bon appétit, cheers, or Namasté!

Online Talks – Getting inspired as a team

Participate in our online conferences and be inspired by the testimonials of exciting speakers. For example, address the themes of managing isolation and surpassing oneself through the exploits of Thomas de Dorlodot, an inveterate adventurer who has been exploring the remotest corners of the world on his own for over 15 years.

After a journey at his side in the Himalayas, exchange on other more than topical themes such as mindfulness, a society under high pressure, health, or the environment… Introspection and sharing guaranteed!

Cherry on the cake – Discover Atlas Go

Thanks to a partnership with Atlas Go, a San Francisco-based company certified by B Corp, we can now provide your company with an online platform that encourages each of your employees to achieve a common goal while reconnecting with human contact.

Whether it is through physical or playful activity, take up a new challenge together and bring your employees together around a societal project in line with your company’s commitment and responsibility.

Running, cycling, yoga, cooking, or gardening… The possibilities are endless and the application is simple to use. 

Imagine yourself and your team completing a round-the-world trip in just 30 days. An integrated GPS allows you to record your distances and the platform lists your individual and collective results. Your teammates share their exploits with pics and encourage each other thanks to an integrated chat module. Even better, for every kilometer traveled, your company allows an association to plant a tree or donates the funds collected to charity. Great, isn’t it?

Take the opportunity to get together

In the current context, team building is more than ever aptly named. Indeed, more than entertaining a group of colleagues for a day, it is above all an opportunity to bring people together, to share unifying moments, to strengthen team spirit, and to boost the feeling of belonging to a common project… Covid-19 or not!

At People First, we have therefore reinvented ourselves and are convinced of the merits of this new concept of virtual teambuilding.

You too? Discover all our activities and contact us to bring your team together and make them forget this period of forced distance.