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Wildernest: The best team-building activity in Belgium.

A new concept for Team Building in nature ! There are many great options for team building activities in Belgium (around Brussels, the Belgian coas ...

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New work dynamics: Why to go for smaller but more frequent team building activities

02 Nov 2022 . 11 min read

Remote, Digital and Hybrid Work: The trends that are changing our working life   The working environment and office dynamics have experienced hug ...

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How to incentive Employee Engagement through Team Building

02 Aug 2022 . 9 min read

What is Employee Engagement? There are several definitions a few clicks away, and although not all of them use the same words, most agree that employe ...

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The Top 5 team building activities in Brussels

02 Jul 2022 . 10 min read

Business vibe and nature: Brussels has it all for Team Building Brussels is a thriving business and political hub, with people from all around the wor ...

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Gamification and Hybrid Events: the future of team building

02 Jul 2022 . 8 min read

In the past few years we’ve seen changes in almost everything around us, and Team Building is no exception to this. We already spoke about the new ...

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