Visio Detective

Online team building game

Immerse yourself with your team in this detective story and find the guilty party

Number of participants

200+   people


2 h


0-200+ 1247€ VAT excl

The truth will out, thanks to you! 

The atmosphere of a Murder Party and a guilty criminal to be flushed out…  Put on your smartest investigator’s suit and you will be transported into the very heart of this police intrigue. 

The Mona Lisa has been stolen from the Louvre before your very eyes.  And there are 4 people standing around who look rather suspicious, in fact, very suspicious.

Be on top of your game with all your senses on the alert.  You will have to find the clues and interrogate the suspects if you want to sort out the truth from the lies; find the irrefutable evidence and identify who is the culprit. 

A team building game that is utterly absorbing; it awakens the private detective dormant within you, and stimulates communication and reflection.  To be played by 4 teams of 8 participants, located in Belgium or abroad.

This visio team building activity comprises:

  • the escape game
  • an engaging professional facilitator, who can play the role of the 4 suspects all by himself and who speaks English, French and Dutch

This team building activity is accessible to all

We adapt all our activities according to your needs so that anyone can benefit from them. If you have any question don’t hesitate to contact us

Details that you are going to adore…

picto of an online meeting

The practical organisation

It’s easy-peasy to experience this online team building activity.  Each colleague receives a link to connect to the site.  In short, just let yourself be guided, you don’t have to be a geek to participate!

ROI of online team building

An endless ROI

Encourages cohesion among team members as well as a company spirit: invaluable assets.  Take the time to laugh and relax together; that destresses everyone and gives staff the strength to carry on.  It also has an impact on motivation, efficiency and productivity.  Invaluable elements: this is not blah blah, you are even more aware of it than we are.

Spice up this activity with a crazy aperitif:

  • A bag of luxury truffle chips
  • A beverage (with or without alcohol)
  • an attractive table setting
  • your apéro-playlist
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