Visio Escape Lupin

Online escape game

Channel your inner Arsène Lupin and rely on the strength of your team

Number of participants

200+   people


1 h


0-200+ 238€ VAT excl

Who has never dreamed of being Arsène Lupin?

At Tero Teambuilding (formerly People First), we model ourselves on superheroes and thus, we can make all your dreams come true.  And now, your dream is at the point of becoming reality (we can just see you jumping for joy behind your screen). 

In this new version of our online escape game, you will become the famous gentleman burglar.  Great news:  all the ingredients that contributed to the success of our first visio escape game have been included here. 

We should warn you, we have made the enigmas somewhat more difficult this time around…  If this is your first escape game experience, we suggest that you begin with our Visio Escape game.

As this company team building activity is organised online, you can easily group your Belgian and overseas employees together for the duration of the game.  The teams are composed of 3 to 6 people.  It’s up to you to communicate and exchange information with your team mates as efficiently as possible. 

Together, you should be able to solve the different enigmas proposed.  Hold on tight, there is no shortage of brain-teasers and surprises!

This visio team building activity comprises:

  • the escape game
  • an engaging professional facilitator, who adores spending holidays in Etretat (Arsène Lupin fans rejoice!) and who speaks English, French and Dutch

This team building activity is accessible to all

We adapt all our activities according to your needs so that anyone can benefit from them. If you have any question don’t hesitate to contact us

Details you are going to adore…

picto of an online meeting

The practical organisation

It’s easy-peasy to experience this online team building activity.  Each colleague receives a link to connect to the site.  In short, just let yourself be guided, you don’t have to be a geek to participate!

ROI of online team building

An endless ROI

Escape rooms have a positive impact on team cohesion and company spirit.  In addition, they also encourage certain skills, such as analysis, being a good listener, and communication.  By sharing certain information received and understood individually, the whole team progresses.  This principle is valid in the scope of the game, but also in the working environment in general.  And that’s really useful.

Spice up this activity with a crazy aperitif:

  • A bag of luxury truffle chips
  • A beverage (with or without alcohol)
  • an attractive table setting
  • your apéro-playlist
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