Who’s Who

Group animation

Discover your colleagues under a new and comical angle

Number of participants

200+   people


1.5 h


1-30 1320€ VAT excl
31-40 1650€ VAT excl
>40 33€ per extra person

Did you know that Paul can juggle like no other, that Sophie is learning Chinese, or that Nicholas walks by your house on his way to work every morning?

You think you know your colleagues; after all, you spend every day with them.  But finally, how well do you know them?

Amusing, light-hearted and surprising, our animation allows you to (re)discover your colleagues in another light.  It reveals surprising interests that you have in common, amusing anecdotes and personality traits and facets that you knew nothing about.  Rest assured, you are in for a big surprise!

Who’s Who is definitely the kind of team building animation that is ideal for smoothing away those rough edges, encouraging synergy and enhancing collaboration among the members of your teams.

This intercollegial activity comprises:

  • all the animation
  • the material needed to organise this team building activity
  • professional, engaging staff, fans of the game “Who’s Who”, and speaking English, French and Dutch

This activity is not accessible to everyone.

This is the perfect plan for the sportsmen of the gang! Do not hesitate to contact us in advance, if the activity must be adapted to your team contact us

In this team building activity, you will adore…

horloge sur écran lors du who is who

The well-oiled organisation

Playing Who’s Who is an easy game.  Form groups of 4 to 8 people.  Each one begins by answering a series of questions on their smartphone or via a tablet that has been provided.  It is then up to the teams to discover the masked profiles using clues.

équipe autour de tablettes lors du who is who

Breaking the ice

Who’s Who is a very popular team building activity used to liven up your company cocktail and dinner parties.  This game allows you to discover or rediscover more about your colleagues, from the most useful detail to the most comical.  It creates a valuable ambiance, particularly when there has been a merger of departments or companies.  You just need the participants to already know a little bit about each other.

Pimp this activity with some options:

  • Drink all included
  • Gourmet break
  • Local organic seasonal meal
  • Overnight stay

    Don’t worry about a thing; spend the night at one of our houses!

  • Welcome drink
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