01 Jan 2022 . 7 min read

Reflection on our team building activities

An in-depth reflection over our team building activities

The period of crisis that we have gone through – and which is not yet completely behind us – has turned many companies upside down. At Tero, however, we have not given up and have taken the opportunity to reflect deeply on our activities and those that were really part of our DNA. But we also wanted to adapt, firstly to the situation in case it should arise again, and secondly to the future needs of our customers who will have been rethought. Fear of the unknown, the need for meaning and more sustainable consumption… but above all a return to the essential.

Many of our customers suffered from the Coronavirus crisis. We know that from now on we will have to justify our investments even more, whether economic or human. We have therefore focused our thinking on activities dealing with various specific subjects, such as team behaviour, and thus presenting a return on investment in terms of results on the human side. 

Efficient task forces

To carry out this in-depth reflection, we have therefore taken advantage of the calmer period brought on by the crisis to create internal task forces, driven by the enthusiasm of our teams.

Each of them had a precise mission: to reflect on the CSR (= corporate social responsibility) aspect of our organisation, which gave rise to the concrete human project that we will detail later; to rethink the “Community” aspect that we want to both boost and defend; to work on coaching and the return on human investment that team building can generate with the “Academy” aspect; and finally to reshape some of our activities or create new ones, so that they can be organised remotely with the “Connected” aspect.

Clear objectives for the future

It is essential for Tero to rethink the business model, not only to meet the needs of our customers, but also to ensure that it is perfectly in line with the human values we stand for. To this end, we are already working to lighten the logistics linked to our team buildings in order to offer more sustainable packages, but also to work more with local partners. Another of our projects consists in purifying and keeping only the essentials of each activity, without losing quality and added value. Our wish is to reduce as much as possible the impact of these activities, be it environmental or human.

Team building, our deepest essence

After hours of brainstorming and team discussions, we came to the conclusion that our deepest essence, our hobbyhorse, what motivates us above all… is the human. Our activities and our team buildings are above all human experiences to be shared between collaborators. We insist on this human side before, during and after the activity, from preparation to debriefing.

Our objective is to transport the participants in a positive, true and lasting experience. And to do this, we had to refocus on what drove us to create our company in the early hours: the human side and the team.

Staying connected, even remotely

In order to help our clients find and/or keep this precious human link despite social distancing, we have adapted some of our team building activities and made them more connected. One of our main goals during this period was to bring technology more into our professional sector, and we have succeeded in doing just that with our catalogue

Since it is no longer possible to meet as a team at the moment, but the goal of staying united, close and connected is still very much present, we have adapted the form of some of our activities. We have also thought about homeworkers, freelance consultants and remote offices. After all, the most important thing is always to laugh together, to cooperate with a common goal and to surpass ourselves, isn’t it?

Whether it’s yoga, cooking or wine tasting, we offer packs that include sending a box or the necessary equipment to carry out the activity directly to your employees’ homes, and all you have to do is enjoy the moment via the screens in between. Other possibilities are also available for you: escape game or musical quiz, all occasions are good to animate your e-aperitif between collaborators.

Adding value to your activities

While many companies pursue economic objectives, we note that it is essential for the majority of our clients to invest in people and develop the skills of their teams. To do this, we wanted to offer team buildings that offer a real return on investment on your teams. 

Coaching-oriented, these activities take place according to an analysis grid developed by us in collaboration with professional coaches and adapted to the activity. It is therefore possible to debrief you concretely on certain points of analysis, such as leadership, communication, etc. If you wish to go further, we can also involve an independent coach.

Working as a team towards a common goal

The commitment of a team around a physical challenge and/or a common societal objective is something we take particularly to heart. We therefore wanted to offer our clients this new team building format and we have therefore joined forces with atlasGO to provide a service unique in the sector, which combines the commitment of teams to pursue a common goal that can last from one to twelve months, and not just for one day, as in more traditional team buildings. It is indeed in the long term that the sense of community is really felt. We have called this the “Employee Engagement”.

“Employee Engagement” activities can be carried out remotely, are entirely tailor-made and help you raise funds for the association of your choice or simply complete a team challenge. Running a few miles a week or practicing 30min of yoga a day, whatever goal you propose to your employees, it can be filled from home or at the office, individually or in a group, at the time you choose or your teams choose, while reaching a common goal via the atlasGO application.


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