Joyful atmospheres and natural pleasures

This is the combination of three worlds: Tero’s gourmet restaurants, the unusual gites and extraordinary activities organised by Tero Team Building (formerly People First), in addition to the festive ambiance of Knokke Out.  Three complementary energies that are in tune with festive rhythms and a focus on sustainability.

The coming together of two brothers

Behind Tero, there are two brothers: Arthur and Nicolas Lhoist.  Although each of them has run their own business, they have always keenly followed the development of their sibling’s interests.

Formalised in 2022, the merger between their companies makes absolute sense.  They both share the same concern for people, a desire to challenge each other, and to be stronger together in order to look to the future.

No stress: you don’t change a winning formula!  At Tero, there will always be gourmet dishes to share.  At the Knokke Out, our guests will continue to meet up at the weekend around an ‘all-you-can-eat’ buffet, before setting the dance floor ablaze.  And our Tero team building team (formerly People First) will always go the extra mile to organise extraordinary team building activities for you!

The one person will inspire the other with ideas relating to societal and environmental impact and, in return, the other will be responsive and ignite new insights.  And that’s just great!

Our teams are now one. They still have the same desire to do their utmost for you and to make sure that you enjoy timeless experiences of sharing.

garden ferme des Rabanisse

Tero, where good things take root

Tero means ‘earth, soil’ in Esperanto. It is no coincidence that the French term ‘terreau’ sounds exactly like Tero. This is a reference to the idea of soil, to the relationship with the earth and the environment.Tero, or how to sum up in two words the crazy desire to have a societal and environmental impact; to take care of mankind and the earth, to give back one hundredfold what they have given to us.

Towards a society with a positive impact

We are a group of cheerful optimists, and the magnitude of the task does not intimidate us.  We have a long way to go, but each step in the right direction brings us closer to our goal.

Thinking about each of our projects from the perspective of sustainability and societal impact is what motivates us even more.  Since we have only one planet, it is high time we took care of it.

beach cleaning

The first steps to take

Good intentions are splendid, but actions speak louder than words. Let’s focus on some of the changes already implemented for more solidarity and ecology:  

  • partnership with Tapio (carbon and CO2 audit) and Shayp (better water management at group sites);
  • choice of natural washing products for all our houses and restaurants. They are made by Habeebee, an artisanal soap facture with a beekeeping project;
  • organisation of team building activities for associations and schools for children with disablilities;
  • acquisition of a special beach chair for disabled people or those with reduced mobility;
  • annual beach cleaning activity;
  • installation of spring water in our lodges;
  • recuperation of rain water for the toilets;
  • withdrawal of team building events that are CO2 intensive…

Please come back and visit this page again soon.  We are working hard to complete this list of actions with a societal and environmental impact!

flowers of ferme des Rabanisse

Short supply chains

At Tero, we simply adore it when freshly picked vegetables end up on your plate.  By working together with the Rabanisse farm, and Magerotte Farm located in Rochefort, we endeavour to cultivate organic vegetables and raise our own livestock in natural surroundings.  This is the main source of food in our restaurants.

Nothing could be better than being able to guarantee the origin, freshness and flavour of the ingredients that you savour in the dishes offered in our restaurants.