Our values

What is it that excites us the most?  It’s imagining unusual activities and team building events, proposing unique places to rent, and preparing delicious food using local produce, most of which is grown on our farm.  Thus, we can provide you with the kind of unforgettable experiences that give you a boost and bring you closer together.

Nothing gives us a boost more than taking our clients out of their daily routine.  To help them make time stand still, reconnect with others, with nature and with themselves.  In the end, that’s what it’s all about.

We have been doing this since 1997.  And we’ve been very successful at it!  Combining Tero, People First and Knokke Out under the Tero name, we now represent a great group of 125 highly motivated individuals; all prepared to do their utmost to help you experience extraordinary moments, in accordance with your wishes.

What’s on the menu?  Going beyond your limits, enjoying a great atmosphere for developing human relationships without posturing or hierarchy.  And that’s pretty damn good.


Ours is a story of motivation and shared pleasure. It’s that extra something that gets us up every morning to come to work. Make way for the enthusiasts!

passion value


At Tero, we are 1000% committed to our work. We pledge that we will carry out our mission to the best of our abilities. We will go the extra mile to help and satisfy a colleague or a client; and we select suppliers who share our values.

engagement value tero


Respect for one another, but also for nature. Tero has established ambitious goals in terms of social and environmental impact; because a group such as ours has a duty to act.

respect value


At Tero, there are no filters, no artifice and no drum rolls. We aim to cultivate genuine and sincere human relationships, both within the team and with our clients.