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Tero Bierges

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Tero Brussels

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Bistro Pilko Garisart

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Knokke Out Zoute

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Our farm

Long live good farm produce that goes straight from the field to your plate in all our restaurants! Since 2015, Tero has been working alongside the Rabanisse Farm in Rochefort. Vegetables, fruit and herbs are grown there. Since 2018, our own livestock have also been raised on the farm. Priority is given to short supply chains and top quality, always while respecting animals and the planet.

Market gardening

Every week, our restaurants receive a selection of seasonal vegetables, fruit and herbs and when our chefs have specific requests, they can always call on other local farms and producers with whom we have been working for several years.

Jean-Charles manager of the farm

Livestock farming

Salers cattle, fed exclusively on grass, Duroc pigs, Ardennes sheep, laying hens and beehives make a joyful racket on our Rabanisse Farm.  

In our restaurants, priority is given to natural and organic vegetables, but when meat is used, it is always with respect for animal welfare and the environment…  Attention is given daily to sustainability, in order to offer you the very best to share at one of our tables.

harvest at ferme des Rabanisse

Discover our farm