01 Jul 2022 . 6 min read

The Top 5 team building activities in Luxembourg

There are many options for team building in Luxembourg. The ideal activity will depend on the objectives, available time, group size and budget, among other factors. In this article we will go over the main options and types of team building activities, and select our top 5 activities in Luxembourg!

Why is team building important?

As we went over in our previous article, the main reason behind the crucial value of team building is that people are the most important asset of every company. So focusing on the team spirit, the work environment and the happiness of the employees is an investment in the future of any company.

The options for team building activities in Luxembourg cover the different types of team building activities: Game packs, Team Events, and Online activities. Outdoor activities are also a key part of the team building offer in the city, as they make it easier to achieve some vital objectives to create stronger bonds among teams. The main advantage of going outdoors is that it enables a quick change of scenery, as it’s a real break from the day to day routine in the office.

Other benefits that are tackled in the list of top 5 team building activities to do in Luxembourg include the increase of employee engagement, the improvement of group dynamics, and the gratitude shown towards the people who work in the company.

Team Building in Luxembourg: Top 5 Activities

Take a look at our list, and pick the ideal activity for your team!


This is the top pick when it comes to team building in Luxembourg, as it combines outdoor/physical activities with a digital support. Virtual Trophy is a great example: an activity in which the city is turned into a digital world, and the participants solve challenges as if they were the players of a video game. This allows discovering the city in a new way, having fun and collaborating with your teammates.

  • WHEN? All year long
  • GROUP SIZE -> From 5 to 500 people
  • PRICE RANGE -> From 30€ per person
  • DURATION -> 1 to 3 hours
  • LOCATION -> Everywhere!

2/ ACCROBRANCHE (Adventure Tree Climbing)

If you are looking to get out of the city and try an adventurous activity with your team, then Accrobranche is the way to go! The drive to Florenville will take you out of the daily scenery, and the tree climbing will challenge all to discover new sensations, have fun, and get out of the comfort zone!

  • WHEN? From March to November
  • GROUP SIZE -> From 5 to 100 people
  • PRICE RANGE -> From 30€ per person
  • DURATION -> 2 hours
  • LOCATION ->Tero Forest House Martué in Florenville


Are you in the need to train problem-solving with your team? Then Antidote is for you! Nothing will strengthen bonds within colleagues than this team building activity in which the group has a limited time to solve 10 challenges in order to escape a locked room. Antidote encourages collaboration between players, and allows to discover and boost communication and management skills.

  • WHEN? All year long
  • GROUP SIZE -> From 10 to 100 people
  • PRICE RANGE -> From 40€ per person
  • DURATION -> 1,5 hours
  • LOCATION -> Everywhere!


This is what we call a Positive Impact activity, a team building activity combined with a committed environmental approach. During a day the participants collaborate with the Alzette river cleanup, and learn tips to improve their daily life through workshops and clinics from experts. This activity not only reinforces the team spirit, but also has a positive impact on the environment and community.

  • WHEN? All year long
  • GROUP SIZE -> From 10 to 100 people
  • PRICE RANGE -> From 30€ per person
  • DURATION -> 2 to 3 hours
  • LOCATION -> Alzette or Semois river 


Another amazing activity to get out of the daily city landscape to refresh and improve team bonds, this time on mountain bikes! Sharing a challenge and enjoying time in nature will help to consolidate links among team members, and it’s suitable for all levels. You can even top-up the experience by inviting the renowned cyclist Andy Schleck to coach your team on the way and share his cycling experience.


Now that you know our selection of top 5 team building activities to do in Luxembourg, don’t hesitate to contact us to start organizing! We will be happy to help you plan and carry out the ideal team building activity to boost your teams!