Investigation at the Castle

Giant Cluedo escape game

Wake up the dormant detective within you to play this giant Cluedo game

Number of participants

200   people


3 h


<20 1728€ VAT excl
21-30 2214€ VAT excl
31-40 2916€ VAT excl
>40 70€ per additional person

If you jump for joy when you hear, “Colonel Mustard, in the office, with the chandelier”, you will most definitely enjoy this team building activity in the style of a police mystery!

The pitch can vary. Here’s one example: Mr X has been found unconscious in his car.  He has no personal effects on his person. Pretty soon, you learn there’s more to this than meets the eye. It’s up to you to solve this mysterious affair by collecting a maximum of clues and pieces of evidence.  You will also have to carry out a series of tests during your investigation.

You don’t change a winning formula:  the victorious team is the first one to identify the culprit, the place of the crime and the weapon used.  It goes without saying that in this giant Cluedo, one of our best-selling activities, group cohesion, communication, observation and powers of deduction will count for a lot in the success of your team.

This outdoor team building activity comprises:

  • the organisation of the Investigation at the Castle activity
  • all the equipment needed for this escape game
  • engaging professional staff, who are not called Miss Scarlet or Reverend Green, but who speak English, French and Dutch

This team building activity is accessible to all

We adapt all our activities according to your needs so that anyone can benefit from them. If you have any question don’t hesitate to contact us

Challenges that you are going to adore…

silhouettes in front of a shooting target from the Castle Survey

The armoury

Shooting range, with an air gun.  It is best to demonstrate your skill and mastery so that you hit the right targets, thereby obtaining precious pieces of evidence. 

teams building giant houses of cards during Castle Investigation

The bridge room

Build a pyramid of giant cards in a specific time.  Each row built gives you the right to have a piece of evidence. 

participants going through an Investigation at the Castle

The pond

Cross a “river of acid” without ever putting your foot down.  The whole team is called upon for this task.

Pimp this activity with some options:

  • Drink all included
  • Gourmet break
  • Local organic seasonal meal
  • Overnight stay

    Don’t worry about a thing; spend the night at one of our houses!

  • Welcome drink
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Where you can do this activity

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