The Tribe

A team building adventure in the forest

Waken your inner adventurer with these legendary challenges in the heart of the forest

Number of participants

100   people


2.5 h


<20 1728€ VAT excl
21-30 2430€ VAT excl
31-40 1426€ VAT excl
>40 71€ per additional person

We’ve left behind Robinson Crusoe and his desert island.  Now we are heading for the forest and its heady aromas of pine, moss and woodland mushrooms. 

But although the setting is different, the concept remains the same.  It’s up to you to survive the mythical challenges in this hostile environment: to run and find your scarf blindfolded, sporting and logic challenges, eating insects (not as bad as it sounds) and the terrible test of balancing on a pole.

Unexpected challenges, fun, sports and a good dose of strategy and humour!  And then there is the wooden boar which is the trophy to be won.

The Tribe is a great opportunity to boost the team spirit and strengthen relations among your colleagues in a good humoured way.  This is an outdoor team building activity that subtly combines fun and cohesion among the group.

This outdoor team building activity comprises:

  • the organisation of The Tribe
  • all the equipment needed to organise this adventure in the heart of the forest
  • engaging professional staff who adore living in a cabin in the forest and who speak English, French and Dutch

This activity is not accessible to everyone.

This is the perfect plan for the sportsmen of the gang! Do not hesitate to contact us in advance, if the activity must be adapted to your team contact us

Details that you are going to adore…

young woman laughing in the forest

Hello nature!

This team building activity is a chance to strengthen relationships with your team, to step out of your comfort zone, but most of all, to enjoy living in the present, your feet planted firmly on the ground, and your head up in the greenery.

team around a campfire during the boar games

Being together is the best

To succeed in this adventure, your teams will have to rely on communication, coordination and the complementarity of their talents.

Spice up this activity with certain options:

  • Drink all included
  • Gourmet break
  • Local organic seasonal meal
  • Overnight stay

    Don’t worry about a thing; spend the night at one of our houses!

  • Welcome drink
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