About our team buildings

We have a broad catalogue of team building activities that can be organised for a small number of people or for a large group.  Some activities can easily be organised for more than 200 people!


On our website, you can do a filtered search according to the number of participants.  Do not hesitate to use this option to go directly to the list of team building activities that are most suited to the size of your group.


Please note: we have no minimum requirement for organising a team building activity.  However, the price will be adjusted according to the number of persons participating, taking into account the fixed operating costs (personnel, rented material, possible rental cost of the venue…).

This depends on the activity!  The majority of our team building activities are designed following the format of one half-day (approximately 3 hours). 

Please consult the activity description to see the duration of the activity.  In most cases, we can adjust the activity to your schedule and timing.  Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Of course we do!  We are present in all of Belgium and Luxembourg.

We have the exclusive rights to organise our team building activities in a series of beautiful and exotic places.


We also have ten venues and infrastructures, located between the Ardennes and the North Sea, including some in the outskirts of Brussels.  It is possible to organise your team building activities there.  We can also provide a catering service with meals cooked to perfection by Tero Restaurant.


Good news, you can even sleep on site at some of our gites.  For example, this is the case for Domaine d’Herbeumont (Herbeumont), The Lodge (Florenville), The Kottage (Spa-Francorchamp), La Kolline (Spa-Francorchamp) and Hamster (Spa-Francorchamp).


In addition, we can also come to wherever you wish, to your office or to the venue where your seminar is being held.  We have a broad range of mobile activities, which can easily be organised anywhere you wish.


Here is the list of the mobile activities that we organise outdoors:

  • Rescue Game
  • City Play
  • Team Booster
  • It’s a Hit!
  • Venue Play
  • Team Training
  • Investigation at the Castle

We implement daily actions to avoid waste and we recycle and repair what can be repaired.  Moreover, the Tero group is actively engaged in a process to obtain Be Corp certification.   The goal is to develop an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy through measures affecting ecological and/or societal impact, transparency and responsibility.

There is obviously still a long way to go.  We are already working on improving the energy performance of our buildings.  We are optimising our stock management, so that the materials used to organise a team building activity do not have to travel to the four corners of Belgium.  We take steps to hire local staff and encourage the professional integration of people who have been distanced from employment.  Our catering formulas always favour local, seasonal products, mostly coming from regenerative organic agriculture.


Nature is at the heart of our concerns.  There’s nothing like enjoying the fresh air of the forest and spending the day outdoors when it comes to team building with colleagues.


This (re)connection with nature and with each other can be experienced through different impact activities: 

  • Forest Games
  • Online Talks with Thomas de Dorlodot
  • WilderNest (soon)
  • Impact Days (soon)

Contact us, if you want to give a sustainability emphasis to your team day!

You’ve come to the right place.  All the team building activities designed by Tero Teambuilding (formerly People First) promote communication, collaboration, collective intelligence and team spirit.  Indeed, this is one of our raisons d’être.


Several of our activities encourage cooperation among large groups.  For example, this is the case for the Rescue Game or the escape games Lost and Antidote.  Your team moves around in search of clues and naturally divides itself around the available material.  It is only by solving all the riddles together will you reach the final goal.


Other team building activities pit teams against each other in a series of challenges.  This is always a friendly competition that naturally promotes team spirit and collaboration between colleagues.  Solidarity, exchange of knowledge and communication are the order of the day when it comes to fighting for victory!