5 reasons to choose Tero for your team building

team building

At Tero, what drives us is passion. We know we are not perfect and there are always things to improve, but we will always give a 1000% to provide authentic and unforgettable experiences to our customers.

Either if it’s a team building or sporting event, one of our unique venues to rent, or the delicious local food we offer in the group’s restaurants and catering service, all what we do at Tero is aligned with our values: Passion, Commitment, Respect and Authenticity.

We’ve been doing this for a long time, and we humbly believe that we stand out because of the expertise, integrity, diversity and versatility of the Tero Family, reinforced since the integration of Tero, People First and Knokke Out. 

Why choose Tero? In this article, we will explore the top five reasons why we should be your go-to choice for all your corporate event needs.

1| From the ground up approach

One of the key reasons to choose Tero is our commitment to being a one-stop shop for all your event requirements. Whether you are planning a team-building day, a corporate seminar, a sports event, or a private party, wedding or event, we have you covered. 

Bringing together the know-how from Knokke Out, People First, and Tero, we have 4 solid business pillars that cover the whole range of needs you may have for your event: We can organise unusual team building activities, thrilling sporting events, propose unique venues and places to rent, and provide amazing food in our restaurants and catering service using local produce, most of which is grown on our farm.

By offering a wide variety of services, we aim at simplifying the event planning process, making it more efficient and cost-effective. Whether you need catering, activities, venues, or accommodation, you will just talk to one of our experts who will be your single point of contact and help you streamline the entire process.

And together with the diversity of activities, we also have a wide range of locations, giving you the flexibility to plan with us your events all around Belgium and Luxembourg.

événement d'entreprise

2| Our Impact Strategy: A Strong Focus on Responsible Business

In today’s world, sustainability and responsible business practices are crucial considerations. At Tero we understand this as a core part of our Group, so we embarked ourselves in a Journey to Impact. This is not just a sustainability strategy, but a continuous process that affects all the company operations at every level, with the final objective of having a positive impact on society

Besides the nice words, we implemented several concrete actions to achieve this, from big strategic decisions like having a Chief Impact Officer as head of an Impact Team, to day to day sustainable practices like working with organic ingredients from local suppliers and our own farms, or monitoring and optimising the use of energy and water in all premises of the company.

We are aware that operating under an Impact model is a long process and a constant journey, in which we still have a lot of things to improve and a long way to go. But by doing this, we aim to engage with partners and customers who share this approach, and to inspire others in the hospitality sector. So for those companies who care to have a positive impact, choosing Tero is a great way to join forces and work together to be part of the change.


3| 25 Years of Reliable Experience

We’ve been doing this since 1997! It all started with the first venues, 25 years ago, then came the Team Building and Sporting events, and 10 years ago we incorporated Food and restaurants as our last business unit. During all these years, we built a team of passionate professionals, well-versed in creating memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression. 

At Tero we are proud to say that we know what we do, and we love it! We do our best to reflect this on all the activities that we offer. 

That’s why it means so much to us when we have happy customers sharing nice feedback, like this one following an Heptathlon challenge we organised for a Team Building: Everything went like clockwork and the participants, whatever their age, thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. The technical expertise of the presenters clearly made the difference. The aim was for members and their families to get together in a fun, active and surprising way. Your experience really contributed to this success.


4| A Passionate and Authentic Team

Passion and Authenticity are two of Tero’s core values. We might not be the biggest or most perfect company out there, but we will always go an extra mile working with enthusiasm to cultivate genuine and sincere human relationships. And you’ll notice this in the welcoming atmosphere in our venues and the dedication of the animators and staff.

Our passion for creating meaningful and memorable experiences is palpable. To achieve this, whenever we have new people joining the team, the first thing that we look for is people with passion. Experience and preparation are important, but above all we like those who stand out for their motivation and enthusiasm.

Tero’s tagline is LIVE, SHARE, RECONNECT, and we believe that sharing with passion and authenticity paves the way to connection at all levels: with customers, partners, teammates, and the environment that surrounds us.

one team

5| Feel at Home at our Venues

Our priority in all our lodges, eventhouses and sport clubs around Belgium is to make you feel at home, away from home. Either if it’s for a business event, work meeting, a sporting activity, or for a relaxing weekend, all our infrastructure and expertise is there for you to enjoy an extraordinary experience.

Together with the feel at home DNA, our venues stand out for the premium quality of the buildings and the services provided, and the connection to nature given by the beautiful wild surroundings in all of our locations. You’ll find options on the banks of the Semois River, in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes, at the edge of the Sonian Forest or by the seaside in Knokke, among others.

Following a stay at Herbeumont Lodge, this is what one of our customers had to say: A magnificent venue (and above all perfectly thought out and adapted to all groups) matched with excellent catering. All in one, it’s easy!

comme chez soi

Why choose Tero?

In essence, Tero embodies a passionate commitment to creating unforgettable experiences, and we work hard to reflect our relentless dedication in every aspect of our service. Whether you’re seeking a one-stop solution for your event needs, a sustainability-driven partner, or the expertise of a team with 25 years of reliable experience, we will be there to help.

As a nice summary of the 5 reasons listed above, you can check the following review we received after an event we organised for Gamma:

Everyone had the best time at River Woods. The food was delicious, lots of compliments! And every member of staff on site was very helpful and friendly – top class service! It’s a day everyone will remember. During the event we managed to reach the objective of money raised for our two chosen charities. Thank you Tero for being part of it! Appreciate all of your help leading up to the event and I hope we find another opportunity to come back!

Our genuine and authentic approach, coupled with venues that feel like a second home, ensures your event will be more than just an occasion – it will be a connection, a memory, and a moment to treasure.