01 Jan 2022 . 5 min read

Rethinking teambuilding: what future for corporate activities?

What better way to launch our blog than by discussing the future of teambuilding?

In these uncertain times, the world of events is suffering. The cancellation of numerous events has led to exceptional unemployment for some employees and service providers, which does not bode well for the coming weeks. And yet, at Tero, we want to believe in a future that is even more human and full of smiles and where the points of contact between team members will be all the more appreciated by all.

What future for teambuildings?

Aware that we need to rethink our model, we want to further emphasise the human side on which our teambuilding activities are based. Whether they are organised outdoors or indoors, they are a real opportunity to bring out the human added value of your company and our profession as organisers, with the aim of creating a bond.

At the end of this confinement, even if it is prolonged, it will be essential for your teams to rediscover that feeling of cohesion that is not always present during the (too?) many videoconference meetings. This will be the moment of a new dynamism; a moment when human contact and exchange will be essential. And everyone will have well deserved it!

Developing a local network

With the current lockdown having paralysed many companies, it is certain that economic recovery will not be a snap of the fingers. But when it does, there is no doubt that the notion of solidarity will be at the forefront. Many players (and we will make a point of being part of it) will remain loyal to the partners, often local, who have always worked hard for them and provided them with the best possible service. The links forged in the past will help to build tomorrow’s exchanges together, based on a deep understanding of each other’s needs.

And what about your team building and square air?

Don’t just stand there bored! Are you teleworking and tired of discussing work with your colleagues via screens? At Tero, we have many resources that we are happy to put at your disposal to help you navigate through this fog in the best possible atmosphere. Our best-selling teambuilding tool, the “Teambooster”, to name but one, can even be made available online, each one at home and in complete safety.

Our technical specialists are also available to prepare tailor-made manual and sporting activities for you, just so you can leave your keyboard for a few hours. An original way to stay close and united… at a distance!

A Nordic walking tutorial, a delivery of yoga mats to your employees accompanied by a few online sessions, a box of fresh produce for a cooking class with a chef selected by Tero, a fun cocktail tutorial by a barman… Or why not offer an inspiring book on a current theme with a short online lecture by the writer?

Teambuildings for families too      

Because employees of the same company are a bit like members of a family, we can adapt some of our activities so that they are also accessible at home. Adios console and television, hello DIY and escape game in the living room! Our teams will be more than happy to put their technical, communication and creative skills to work for your tribe, so contact us


Beyond our teambuildings and outdoor activities, we think it’s important to take advantage of this off-peak period to rethink the way we work and review the way we operate. If we already put people at the centre of our events – we’re not called Tero for nothing – we are convinced that we will have to further accentuate our human values in the future.

We are actively thinking about this and will come back to you, at the end of this period, stronger and more full of human projects. In the meantime, we would already like to sincerely thank our clients who support us and try to find solutions to postpone the teambuildings already planned. This period can be difficult for many companies, and we know that without understanding clients it would not be possible to arrive at easy solutions.

Thank you for your support and loyalty, and until then, take care of yourself and your loved ones!