The best team-building activities in the Belgian Ardennes. Why choosing the Belgian Ardennes?

If you are looking for the ideal destination to enjoy unspoiled nature and disconnect from the city, the Ardennes region is the perfect place to go in Belgium. But when adding team building to the equation, it’s not only about spending time and admiring a beautiful scenery. The benefits of team activities are boosted when going outdoors with your colleagues, and stronger bonds are created after sharing quality time in an unforgettable and out-of-the-ordinary environment.


Away from crowds and the hustle and bustle of the city, the Belgian Ardennes has countless wonders to share with your teammates: vast forests with a rich history behind, unique flora and fauna, enchanting hills and trails to discover, and hipontic rivers such as the Semois. Aligned with the growing trends pointing at having a positive environmental and social impact, the region is a great option to organize team building activities for companies and teams based in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Changing the daily routine, traveling out of the city, and getting immersed in a beautiful nature area are the starting points for the perfect team building activity. The proposal is to pause time and leave behind the day-to-day tasks, in order to reconnect with others in nature and boost the team spirit.


Amazing lodges and unforgettable activities in the Belgian Ardennes

At Tero we love the Ardennes region, and believe it’s a perfect destination for team building activities. And as a group, we are committed to work in a sustainable way and have a positive impact on society. That’s why we believe it’s so natural for us to propose and develop many of our activities there.

Choosing one of our team building activities in the Ardennes is choosing the WOW factor, guaranteed not only by the beautiful landscape, but also by the originality of our proposals, the expertise and positive attitude of our people, and last but not least, by the amazing lodges and houses we have in the region:

  • Lodge Herbeumont, the newest lodge among Tero’s offer, is about to be inaugurated. Surrounded by breathtaking scenery, it will have the capacity to accommodate up to 70 people. Be among the first ones to enjoy it’s facilities, and the exclusive team-building activities that will be organized in the lodge!
  • Tero Forest House, very close to Herbeumont, is located on the banks of the beautiful Semois river. The Forest House is the ideal place if you are looking for disconnection from daily routine. Going back to the basics in the countryside (but without loosing comfort) is the best choice to clear the team’s mind in order to reconnect and boost human links.
  • Lodge Francorchamps is set at the very heart of the Ardennes region, giving you access to a fairy-tale-like forest of 130 hectares. The lodge has everything so your team can be comfortable and spend an amazing time while connecting with nature.


Our top team building activities in the Ardennes

The combination of nature and Tero’s infrastructure and expertise add up to many great options for team building in the Belgian Ardennes. You can select the perfect activity for your company considering  some factors such as your HR objectives, group size, available time and budget. Check below our selection of top activities to do in the region, but don’t hesitate to browse our whole catalogue to check more options!



Discover the adventure spirit in your team with this activity that will face you with all sort of challenges in the forest! Combining sports, strategy, and humour, you’ll spend an amazing time while boosting group cohesion. Team coordination, communication, and the complement of different talents are the key to win the wooden Boar!

  • WHEN? All year round
  • GROUP SIZE -> Up to 100 people
  • PRICE RANGE -> From 70€ per person
  • DURATION -> 2,5 to 3 hours
  • LOCATION -> Tero Lodge Herbeumont 


This is an orientation game to play with your colleagues. Someone has disappeared, and with the help of a tablet, a map, a compass, and relying strongly on team spirit, you’ll have to work together with your colleagues to find and follow the clues that will take you to the missing person! Efficient teamwork and quick decision-making are the key to win this fascinating game.


No activity will get you immersed in the Ardennes nature as this one! Organized as a survival course, you and your teammates will have to overcome obstacles, crawl, climb, jump and run (all while enjoying the breathtaking forests, windfalls, rivers and cliffs of the area). Going an extra mile and challenging your limits will bring together your team as no other daily activity can possibly do it!

  • WHEN? All year round
  • GROUP SIZE -> Up to 70 people
  • PRICE RANGE -> From 85€ per person
  • DURATION -> 3 hours
  • LOCATION -> Tero Lodge Francorchamps 


One of Tero’s best-seller team building activities, the Forest Games are the perfect combination of nature, history and tradition, that will allow you to reconnect with the people with whom you work every day. While enjoying a beautiful 4 km hike in the forest, you and your colleagues will have to solve authentic forest challenges related to the Ardennes tradition.

  • WHEN? All year round
  • GROUP SIZE -> Up to 100 people
  • PRICE RANGE -> From 70€ per person
  • DURATION -> 3 hours
  • LOCATION -> Tero Lodge Francorchamps

Let’s start planning!

The number 1 reason why people choose the Ardennes region for their team building activities is the access to unspoiled nature, and the opportunity of a real disconnection. It’s a great option for companies who used to travel abroad for their top team activities, and now chose this eco-friendly alternative instead.

At Tero Team Building we have the perfect combination of expertise and logistisc (houses, lodges, activities) to help you build a great atmosphere for developing human relationships and connecting teams.

Contact us and we will be happy to help you plan your team building activity in the Belgian Ardennes!