Step out of your comfort zone

Team building activity out of your comfort zone

Guaranteed thrills in our survival course

Number of participants

200   people


3 h


<20 2214€ VAT excl
21-30 2948€ VAT excl
31-40 3402€ VAT excl
>40 85€ per additional person

This is the kind of experience you have to live through at least once in your lifetime!  Step out of your comfort zone, thanks to the help of your team.

Once you have put on your commando outfit, you will have to go beyond your own limits (within reason) to find your fellow adventurers who are being held prisoner. 

In front of you, there are 137 hectares of breathtaking nature, made up of forests, windfalls, rivers, cliffs and fens, in the very heart of the Ardennes.

What is on the programme?  Transporting equipment – stretchers, ammunition, medicines, petrol cans, food; that's a lot of stuff – but it also entails crawling, climbing, jumping, overcoming obstacles, running and other intense activities.

To achieve this, you need to be a team player, observant, able to go the extra mile, wily, coordinated, encouraging and a leader.  These are all human qualities that you can put to good use to serve your team.

Let us assure you that, despite appearances, this best-seller team building activity is really accessible to all.  It even generates more smiles than sweat!  Don't wait any longer, go for it! 

This outdoor team building activity comprises:

  • the Step out of your Comfort Zone activity
  • all the equipment needed, including the commando outfits
  • engaging professional staff, survival junkies, speaking English, French and Dutch 

This team building activity is accessible to all

We adapt all our activities according to your needs so that anyone can benefit from them. If you have any question don’t hesitate to contact us

Challenges that you are going to adore…

participant doing the Death Ride during the Step out of your comfort zone


A precursor to skydiving, the Death Ride requires a large dose of courage to launch yourself into the void.

team following a gps to find the hostages of the Step out of your comfort zone

Save the hostages

Your GPS mission: to rescue 5 hostages in the forest.  An easy exercise, if you did not have to carry a bazooka with which you will need to free your allies.

participant shooting a rifle during the Step out of your comfort zone


Transform yourself into a sniper, an elite marksman who can operate solo through enemy lines.  The objective?  To pass on important information to headquarters or neutralise a target.

Spice up this activity with certain options:

  • Drink all included
  • Gourmet break
  • Local organic seasonal meal
  • Overnight stay

    Don’t worry about a thing; spend the night at one of our houses!

  • Welcome drink
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