A collaboration challenge

Build a bridge able to bear the weight of a vehicle’s passage

Number of participants

< 50   people


2 h


<20 1785€ VAT excl
21-30 2835€ VAT excl
31-40 2835€ VAT excl

Do you have the soul of a builder?  If so, here is an exclusive and impressive mission that should please you: build a bridge that is solid enough that a vehicle can drive across it.

You will be provided with logs and ropes.  You will also be given tips regarding knots; the rest is up to you.

You cannot manage this on your own.  It is only by combining all the talents and expertise of your whole team, designing an action plan accurate to the last millimetre, that you will succeed in this challenge.

This is a grandiose team building test, combining collaboration, reflection and action.  All of which will take place under the wise and benevolent eyes of our coaches, who will give advice on the good or less good attempts at this outdoor activity.

This outdoor team building activity comprises:

  • the organisation of the Lumberjack activity
  • all the material needed to build your bridge
  • engaging professional staff, whistling “London Bridge is Falling Down” all day long and speaking English, French and Dutch

This team building activity is accessible to all

We adapt all our activities according to your needs so that anyone can benefit from them. If you have any question don’t hesitate to contact us

An intercollegial activity in 3 stages…

participant listening and watching the training


Your team is divided into 3 groups: the management team, responsible for designing the bridge and directing operations, the team who has to learn the square lashing technique and the team who has to learn the clove hitch.

teams tying logs together


Long live complementarity!  It is only by combining these three newly-acquired elements of knowhow that you will be able to achieve your common goal.  On the programme: communication, planning, division of tasks, decision-taking and implementation on the ground.

result of the lumberjack assembly


At the end of this team building activity, our coaches will inform you of the good and less good aspects of how you carried out your mission, explaining the key parameters of how a team works together effectively.

Complement this programme as you wish :

  • Drink all included
  • Gourmet break
  • Local organic seasonal meal
  • Overnight stay

    Don’t worry about a thing; spend the night at one of our houses!

  • Welcome drink
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