01 Jun 2022 . 6 min read

Original team building activities on the BE coast

One of the main characteristics of team building is that it breaks the everyday routine, and this helps a lot to set the mood of the participants in order to achieve the objectives of the activities.

And what better to get out of the day to day routine than a true change of scenery? The Belgian coast offers plenty of amazing options for dynamic and original activities that will help reach a true connection among team members.

As we went over in our article about the top 5 outdoor team building activities, a huge advantage of going outdoors for team building is that getting out of the office is a real break, and this is a great situation to unlock inspiration. Most people feel more relaxed when activities take place in nature, as their mind is cleared of work-related topics, and this state of mind is crucial to achieve a genuine connection among colleagues. And this is a great starting point to strengthen team cohesion.

So for companies from all over Belgium, or even based in Lille, Rotterdam or The Hague, the options for team building activities offered by People First on the Belgian coast are a great opportunity to do something different, engage their employees, and boost motivation!

Top 3 team building activities on the Belgian Coast (+ Bonus)

It was hard to pick just 3, as there are many possibilities given by the beach and the sea, added to the distinguished vibe of Knokke and the great infrastructure we have at the River Woods Beach Club, People First’s exclusive venue on the coast.


Nothing like the beach as the setting for a survivor-style competition. In Robinson’s Quest the teams will have to play against each other facing fun and athletic challenges, that will highlight everyone’s strategic skills!

  • WHEN? From April to October
  • GROUP SIZE -> Up to 200 people
  • PRICE RANGE -> From 60€ per person
  • DURATION -> 2.5  hours
  • LOCATION -> River Woods Beach Club, Knokke-Heist (Belgium)


The sea is the ultimate playground for the Water Olympics! Teams will be formed and participate in a wide variety of activities that sum up to a memorable day. In the end, the best organized and motivated squads will rise up with the gold medals. A great learning that will also apply when going back to the office. Get a glimpse of all the fun this Olympics can be in this short video!

  • WHEN? From May to September
  • GROUP SIZE -> From 10 to 50 people
  • PRICE RANGE -> From 60€ per person
  • DURATION -> 2.5 hours
  • LOCATION -> River Woods Beach Club, Knokke-Heist (Belgium)


In this challenge participants will team up to pedal around the streets of Knokke in bikes or Cuistax (pedal karts). A true team eco-rally, in which each group will have to solve riddles and challenges with the only aid of a roadmap or a tablet. Only the teams that truly collaborate and think together will get the trophy!

  • WHEN? From April to October
  • GROUP SIZE -> Up to 300 people
  • PRICE RANGE -> From 35€ per person
  • DURATION -> 2 hours
  • LOCATION -> Knokke-Heist (Belgium)


This activity is aligned with one of the new trends that represent the present and future of team building: the Positive Impact Activities. These activities not only engage the team members and the company, but also strengthen the links with the community and the environment.

The Beach Clean Up activity in Knokke includes not only the cleaning of the beach in itself. The day starts with a clinic given by an expert, and includes a workshop so the participants can learn sustainable habits to later incorporate to day to day life. So besides helping the community with concrete action, it has a lasting impact with the practical learnings to implement every day. 

In addition to this, companies have to give a donation to the Beach Cleaning Association, equal to the global budget of the event, so they can keep on with the great job in Knokke. For each 1€ raised, 1kg of plastic is cleaned or recycled.

The Beach Clean-Up, as many other positive impact activities, can be at the same time meaningful and really fun. And this combination in a team building activity can really consolidate the bonds among colleagues!

These are just some of the options available for team building activities on the Belgian Coast, to get out of the daily routine and live a thrilling experience that will increase employee engagement and strengthen the links in your team

You can check here more activities and all the facilities offered on the River Woods Beach Club. Most companies combine the team building activity with an apero on the beach followed by a dinner in the Knokke Out Zoute. And for those who stay overnight, we have partnership deals with some of the greatest hotels in Knokke-Heist.

You can enjoy all the benefits of nature and outdoors, combined with the logistics and infrastructure that enable us to set up memorable team building experiences. Having everything in house allows us to organize more easily, and be flexible to adapt to the client’s needs.

Contact us, and we’ll be happy to help you plan an amazing team building experience in Knokke!