Wildernest: The best team-building activity in Belgium.

A new concept for Team Building in nature !

There are many great options for team building activities in Belgium (around Brussels, the Belgian coast and the Ardennes) and Luxembourg. But Wildernest, the latest activity developed by Tero, is truly a game-changer that combines all the best attributes of outdoor and active team building, together with a compelling storytelling and spectacular infrastructure in the middle of the forest!

Located in Châteauform’ La Grande Abbaye de La Ramée, Wildernest is organized as an outdoor escape game with a mind-blowing setting. Placed among ancient trees, there’s a huge nest of 8×14 meters suspended 6 meters above the ground. Up to 45/50 people can get into it and participate in the activity.

The activity in itself revolves around a set of challenges associated to nature’s elements: Air, Water, Fire and Earth. There’s a different riddle for each, that must be solved as a collective mission. For each riddle solved, the group will win a trophy that is placed in a wooden board. Once the 4 trophies are in place in the game board, a 5th challenge is unblocked! 

Reaching the 5th challenge is a symbol of finding the right balance between the 4 elements of nature. But the trick at this point is that the pieces don’t fit together in the board, so the different teams must communicate with each other and exchange the trophy unblocked for the 5th challenge, in order to succeed in the final quest. 

So in the end, Wildernest is an activity with two significant giveaways: On the one hand, related to nature and the importance of finding the right balance among elements and our relation with them. And on the other hand, it points out the importance not only of team play, but also of inter-team connection and collaboration. Single talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships, so the final success will only be achieved if teams play together.

Wildernest: Outdoor, active and trendy

Aligned with the new trends in team building, it’s an active outdoor activity, perfect for these times in which more and more people are seeking a healthier and sporty lifestyle. Moreover, the Wildernest reflects as non other one of the main benefits of outdoor team building activities: The Dépaysement, or change of scenery. Either if it’s for teams who share an office, for groups who work remotely, or those who have a mixed schedule, going out for a team activity in nature is a real break that helps to change the state of mind and set the mood for the team-building activity.

That’s why Wildernest is perfect for companies who value the connection with nature, are concerned about environmental issues, and feel identified with significant trends related to nature, outdoors and healthy lifestyle. And when employees see an alignement between the company’s values and their own, this is a great impulse for employee engagement.

All you need to know about Wildernest

The Wildernest activity lasts 2,5 hours, and can be done all year round. And before or after it, the teams can also take advantage of the nest for a company meeting (it’s equipped with mics and loudspeakers), or just to relax, play or rest in an incredible setting. You can rest assured that after this no one will think, just another day at the office!

The activity is suitable for almost all, except for people with fear of heights, as the nest is accessible by a solid stair but suspendend 6 meters above ground. But those who don’t want to go up can still participate in each of the different challenges that are done at ground level.

Wildernest is ideal for companies based in Brussels and south of Belgium, and although it’s a half-day activity, it can be combined with a group hike in the forest, a lunch or dinner, or working seminars in Châteauform. The location is only 30 minutes away from Brussels!

What makes Wildernest unique?

The huge nest in the wild is the symbol of a place where to find the right balance between nature’s elements, and achieve a true connection with your colleagues. Being immersed in nature, with a spectacular scenery, and all together in an activity that puts behind the usual working hierarchy is a powerful booster for team spirit. It’s all about being creative to reconnect.

There are several characteristics that make Wildernest a really unique Team Building activity. Some of them are:

  • The spectacular infrastructure and setting, crowned by the huge nest in the middle of the forest!
  • The connection with nature and it’s elements.
  • The activity dynamic, organised around the 4 challenges, the wooden board, and the final team mission.

Contact us and discover by yourself the virtues of this great Team Building activity. We wil be glad to organize it for your teams, and we can assure you that everyone will be amazed and grateful after experiencing the Wildernest!